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CTI Seminar


CTI hosts a seminar series including both internal and invited speakers.
Seminars typically take place at noon on the first and third Thursday of each month. Announcement of speakers and seminar topics are distributed via the CTI list-host.

CTI Seminars 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title
1/8/2015  Monnie Wasse NU Nephrology / Hypertension  TBD
1/22/2015  Neil Ranjan Chatterjee NU Radiology  TBD
2/5/2015 no presentation – SCMR week    
3/19/2015 Jean Hertzberg
University of Colorado, Boulder
right heart vorticity
4/16/2015 Shyam Prabhakaran NU Neurology TBD
4/30/2015  Jeremy Collins NU Radiology CV MRI
5/14/2015  Frank Miller NU Radiology  Body MRI
 David Bates iThera Medical  Optoacoustic Imaging
6/25/2015 Susanne Schnell, Maria Carr NU Radiology 4D Lab



Past CTI Seminars

pcoming CTI Seminars

Date Speaker Institution Title
Pim van Ooij
4D Flow MRI in Thoracic Aortas
Merih Cibis
NU Radiology/
Erasmus University
NU Radiology
Quantitative imaging biomarkers in the clinical trials
Kenneth Arnold Weber
NU Radiology
 Advancing Spinal Imaging: Novel Methods for Understanding Spinal Function and Structure
Anja Hennemuth
Fraunhofer Mevis, Bremen, Germany
The CARDIOPROOF project: Applicability of image-based modelling and simulation for vascular intervention planning
No presentation
RSNA week
James Matthew Elliott
Predicting the clinical course of whiplash…is it possible?


Date Speaker Institution Title
4/17/14 D.Procissi NU Small Animal Model Imaging at NU: Advanced Tools for Biomedical Research
4/3/14 J. Zhou UIC Probing Tissue Microstructures with Diffusion-Weighted MRI
3/20/14 B. Allen NU  Flow, Speed, and Mice: Two Years of Clinical and Translational Cardiac MRI 
2/6/14 S.Zuehlsdorff NU  Cardiovascular MRI: Emerging Technologies
1/23/14 Y.Chen NU Pharmacological fMRI with Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL)
1/9/14 J. Ng NU Studying the Effects of Structural Remodeling upon AFIB with Delayed-Enhancement MRI
12/19/13 M.Kibbe NU Liquid Stent Project
11/21/13 G. Hazen NU Cost Effectiveness Analysis
10/21/13 Y. Guo NU MRI of Irreversible Electroporation Ablation