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Available Equipment & User Fees


CTI’s Preclinical Imaging facility is equipped with state of the art MRI and PET/CT scanners which are readily accessible to all Northwestern investigators with approved protocols.

The instruments are located in the Lower Court of the Olson Pavilion (room 0-271) which can be reached  from the Lurie Vivarium via underground connecting tunnels (contact Daniel Procissi or Sol Misener for logistical details).

Advanced physiological monitoring (EKG, respiration, pulse oxymetry and body temperature) of animals is possible using dedicated SA instruments (MR and PET/CT compatible).

  • The Bruker 7T ClinScan MRI System is operated using the Clinical grade Siemens Syngo platform. The high end imaging acquisition software facilitates translation of the imaging methods to the clinical human setting and also allows clinical ideas to be easily tested on the research scanner.
  • The Mediso NanoScan PET/CT provides a unique platform for diverse types of nuclear imaging studies.

Multi-modality and multi-parametric studies are possible using the existing setups.

The center offers a variety of post image processing software packages both commercial (XINAPSE JIM, MatLab) and non commercial (ImageJ, OSIRIX, AFNI, SPM, BrainSuite, MRICRO, JMRUI, AMIDE). Support and consulting is available for object oriented image processing.

To download and install the software follow the links.

Fiji - ImageJ – Basic Image Processing

JIM XINAPSE – Advanced Quantitative Image Processing (requires license –> contact CTI staff)

Users can either be trained in operation of scanner (prior to fulfillment of all requirements for access to facility  or can discuss the possibility of having the staff perform the imaging (collaborative effort) .
Free scan time can be requested for innovative pilot and feasibility projects.


BRUKER CLINSCAN 7 Tesla MRI – From mice to men …

-  A Translational Preclinical System for Molecular Imaging Research -

This dedicated high field animal scanner was designed specifically by Bruker to allow clinical and preclinical research investigators to enter the field of translational research and molecular imaging.  By virtue of the strategic alliance with Siemens Medical Solutions on human high-field MR systems, ClinScan uses the clinical user interface syngo®. Its operation is identical to that of Siemens MAGNETOM TIM system allowing a direct and fast transfer of preclinical studies to clinical studies on humans.

For technical Specs and Details follow link to Bruker MRI Clinscan  


Mediso NanoScan PET/CT  –  Molecular imaging of Anatomy and Metabolism -


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.07.44 PM

Best resolution in the industry with high sensitivity: fully integrated, large FOV small animal PET/CT system for quantitative in vivo imaging with complete animal handling system

The nanoScan PET/CT preclinical in vivo imager offers user-friendly imaging and the broadest range of supported applications in one simple to use, high-end PET/CT system. The nanoScan PET/CT is equipped with an imaging technology that is widely considered to have most advanced PET and CT detector construction, data processing and reconstruction chain in the industry.

The preclinical nanoScan PET/CT ensures achieving the best imaging resolution as well as the highest sensitivity with unmatched image quality in the whole body of the animal.

For Technical Specs and Details follow Link to Mediso NanoScan PETCT 



The supported hourly rates below include technical support, anesthesia and animal handling.

 AVAILABLE SCANNERS Supported Unsupported
Bruker ClinScan 7T MRI
$250/hour $200/hour
Mediso NanoScan PET $350/hour $300/hour
Mediso NanoScan CT $400/hour $350/ hour