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How to Access the Small Animal Facility


The Small Animal Preclinical Imaging facility was created by Northwestern Radiology in 2010 to promote Small Animal imaging research at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

The facility is located on Northwestern’s Chicago Campus in the basement of the Olson building (room 0-271) and houses a state-of-the-art 7.0 Tesla Bruker scanner as well as a recently acquired micro PET/CT system from Mediso. All imaging  operations are overseen by a dedicated research staff who can provide technical and scientific support for development and implementation of different imaging experiments.  For technical and scientific support in the design of new studies please contact Daniel Procissi, PhD


How to gain access to the facility:



Contact the people listed below to discuss about research objectives and how MRI and/or PET/CT imaging can help pursuit these objectives

- Dr Daniel Procissi …….. Director of Small Animal CTI

- Sol Misener ……………… Laboratory Manager

- Dr Andrew Larson ……….. Director CTI

Please, if available, send  existing literature relevant to project 



In order for the animal models to be imaged in the facility an amendment to existing protocol of the interested PI should be submitted citing one of our Approved Animal Procedures (AAP). More information and details can be obtained directly from CTI staff listed above. 



Logistics for Animal Transport to Facility from Chicago (Lurie Vivarium) and Evanston (Pancoe Vivarium)

Animals which are housed  in Chicago CCM Lurie Vivarium can reach the facility in LC Olson 0-271 via the adjoining tunnels. Animals which are house in Evanston Pancoe CCM Vivarium will need to submit a transfer request to CCM. Details on how to do this and how much it will cost can be found at



Design and Implementation of Imaging Experiments will consist in Data acquisition and  Post Processing.  When possible cross validation with existing data is also recommended.

This phase will be conducted with continuous feedback from researcher using the facility and the staff of the facility who is conducting the experiments.

Some Design/Implementation un-billed  development time is available for certain projects after review by program committee (see below). 



  If a member of the laboratory wants tp be trained in the use of the systems (MRI and/or PET/CT) appropriate training will need to be conducted and the researcher will also need to undergo MRI safety course and exam (to gain access to facility using wildcard go to  and register for MRI safety course) 

Internal assessment by CTI staff will also be conducted to enable full access to instrumentation.



Scheduling is available through NUCORE for approved users after consultation with Dr Procissi and Sol Misener 


Program Subcommittee

General direction and new objectives for the Small Animal Imaging program are discussed by the NU Faculty listed below.

The subcommittee also reviews requests for pilot time, oversees day-to-day operations, determines the operational budget, and provides information to other users at Northwestern University. If you are interested in serving on this subcommitte please contact Daniel Procissi ( Meetings occur quarterly.


John Disterhoft
Craig Weiss
Mark Wainwright
Childrens Research
Vania Apkarian
Lei Wang
Dept Psychiatry