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  • Do not register research subjects with any identifying information, such as full names, addresses, medical identification numbers, or social security numbers. You should use the study ID that was assigned to the subject when he or she consented.


  • Volunteer requests should be made at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Scheduling requests should be sent to Donny Nieto for CV-CTI studies and for Neuro-CTI studies
  • Please contact the CRU (Clinical Research Unit) for nurses
  • Last-minute cancellations and No-Shows should be emailed to Donny Nieto for CV-CTI studies and for Neuro-CTI studies
  • Screening parameters include reliability
  • Be mindful of Tech and scanner availability

During your scheduled time

  • You will not be charged if the system is not operational at the time of your study.
  • Any excess time used that conflicts with another user’s appointment will be charged to you.
  • If your study requires extensive preparation time, arrive early to set up. If you need the magnet to set up, make sure to include time for that when you schedule the study. Consistent failure to adhere to the calendar will not be tolerated
  • You are expected to return all items to their correct place in the magnet room. The counter should be left clear of phantoms or any other debris. Remove the linen bags when they are full.
  • The magnet may be used for technical development free of charge after 6 pm on weekdays and during the entire day on weekends. Technical development includes phantom scanning for sequence or protocol development, testing paradigm timing, and testing the use of equipment such as the auditory and visual stimulus. Studies that collect human data will be charged for the time used.
  • Report all incidental findings to CTI. We will review and follow the policy for reporting any findings.
  • You must attend the MRI Safety Training program and pass the MRI Safety Exam before you can participate in CTI activities or be allowed access to CAMRI facilities. Safety Training must be renewed annually.
  • For safety reasons, at least two researchers must be present for each scan. CTI Tech or nurse count only when they are participating in the study and reserved on the calendar.
  • There is a 35-day(neuro) sign-up period on the calendar. If you have a special situation requiring you to schedule a patient beyond 35 days, such as a particular follow-up time, out-of-town subject, or a difficult population of a subject, contact Donny Nieto for CV-CTI studies and for Neuro-CTI studies.
  • You may schedule a technologist for your studies. Remember to release them when you make changes to your magnet time so others may request their time.