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Access to facility

  • Sign up for CTI Listhost (first time only)  
  • MRI safety training
  • Train on equipment with CTI staff (optional)


  • Register new study (AFTER IRB approval with valid chartstring)
  • Complete Study-intake01082018
  • Request calendar access (Principle investigators only)
  • Schedule time on our calendar
    • Calendar allows <24hr signup (uncheck “no change within 1 day” option), but not deletion
    • Please do not insert breaks < 1 hr between adjacent slots as these breaks can’t be used by other groups but add up to hours of unused time on the scanner, which eventually drives up costs for everyone, including yourself. If you can’t clear out of the scanner/control rooms between scans, book continuous slots!
  • Prescreen subject with safety form. If answer to any question in middle section is YES, obtain further information and clear ahead of scan time with CTI staff.