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Physio logging


For users using the CMRR multiband sequence from University of Minnesota, we have now activated the automatic physio logging feature for task and resting state scans. The sequence will interface with the Siemens pulse oximeter and breathing belt (needs to be connected to the ECG device and strapped onto subject’s abdomen with velcro strips) to record physiological tracings in a dicom file.Scanner operators should talk to Azmi or Rachael to familiarize themselves with the setup procedure.

On the patient browser you’ll notice an additional folder after each fMRI/resting state scan called <sequence name>_PhysioLog. This dicom file can be decoded using a Matlab script in the zip file MB-master provided by the CMRR team. Simply unzip the file, and type readCMRRPhysio (<physiolog dicom file name>) at your Matlab console. The script will decode the Dicom file into 3 different log files, corresponding to the pulse, breathing and trigger signals. It’ll also show a snapshot of the three traces. This information can be used to remove physiological noise contribution to your data and improve your statistics. If you do not wish to use this feature, you don’t have to use the physio monitor devices. The sequence will simply output empty PhysioLog files.


(pink) respiration, (red) pulse, (black) scan trigger for each volume