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Safety training


Initiation of a project

All faculty, staff, and students must complete the mandatory safety training process in order to use the CTI facility.


Principal Investigators

Complete the yearly update form that outlines all the changes in policy. The form will also certify that the PI will discuss these policy changes with the PI’s research team. If the PI spends time in CTI, then attendance of the field trip and taking the exam will be encouraged.

Staff and Students

Completion of a yearly recertification. This includes participating in the field trip to CTI and passing the online safety exam. During the field trip, watching the safety video for a second time is not required but is encouraged. Visitors and short-term observations

A safety trained PI is allowed to tour the facilities with prospective students or visitors provided they take the appropriate precautions. If a safety trained PI wants a visitor to observe a research study, they can do so provided the PI is present and responsible for the visitor’s actions. If the visitor is entering the magnet room, they would need to be screen just like a subject.

Effective Dec. 2008