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Required number of investigators


A single investigator may conduct human research studies only after they have checked in with a staff member of CTI. The investigator must get confirmation from the CTI staff member that s/he can act as their second investigator. This may present a difficult situation, since the magnet time and volunteer will have to be secured ahead of time. The investigator must be prepared to find a supporting investigator in the event that a CTI staff member is unavailable.

For contrast studies, the nurse will be present and can count as the second person.

To be clear, this does not allow a single investigator to run on the weekends or the evening hours when there is little or no staff available.

If it is determined that an investigator has scanned on their own or without obtaining confirmation, that investigator will not be allowed to scan in CTI for 2 weeks. The investigator will also be put on probation requiring them to scan in the presence of an MR technologist. If it happens again, the PI’s entire group will be suspended for 2 weeks.

Effective Dec. 2008.