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Policy on additional individuals entering the magnet room


In the event that a subject needs or desires an accompanying individual (spouse, friend, parent, translator, etc.) in the magnet room to facilitate their participation in the study, the accompanying individual must be screened using the MR safety form and must be prepared for entry into the magnet room similarly to the subject by changing into a gown. The individual must be brought into the magnet room by the MR technologist or whoever is conducting the study. They may assist with getting the person in the magnet, but should not touch any of the equipment around the scanner table or in the room. The individual should be encouraged to leave the magnet room when the exam starts; however, if they insist on staying, the plastic transportation cart can be used as a chair for them during the scan. The accompanying individual must wear earplugs and the extra headphones to minimize the noise during the scan. They should be warned not to move around the room or touch any equipment once scanning has begun.