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Emergency Response


It is the goal of Northwestern University Center for Translational Imaging (CTI) to provide a safe environment for its research subjects, employees, students, and visitors, and to provide lifesaving clinical support in the event of a medical emergency occurring to any individual while at CTI. This policy outlines the responsibilities and membership of the CTI staff.


Activation: Radiology Attending, Dr. James Carr or Dr. Jeremy Collins, and designated radiology house staff should be notified of all medical emergencies at CTI. 911 should be dialed in the event of an emergency

The caller must inform the 911 operator of location: Location 710 N. Fairbanks (lower concourse/basement) room number 0-235


All Cardiac Arrests and Airway Emergencies are documented in the EVENT LOG

Responsible Party: Jeremy Collins, MD Assistant Professor of Radiology