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Emergency Medications


Emergency Medications


The purpose of this policy is to ensure availability of medications for the treatment of allergic reaction in Department of Radiology.


Medications to treat contrast allergic reactions are located in the nursing IV start room and in each scanner room.


This policy applies to all employees, Principal Investigators, and research affiliates and personnel of the Department of Radiology at Northwestern University involved in the injection or monitoring of patients receiving intravenous contrast material.


  1. The Directors of the Center for Translational Imaging are responsible for development and implementation of policies/procedures that address Departmental issues and ensure compliance with University and Hospital standards.
  2. The management team in the Radiology Department is also responsible for ensuring that all employees comply with these policies and procedures.
  3. Employees are responsible for being knowledgeable about and complying with University-wide and Department-specific policies.


  1. Emergency contrast reaction medications are located in all radiological areas utilizing contrast material in Olson Pavilion. Emergency contrast reaction medications are located inside every MRI scanner room as well as in the nursing IV start room.
  2. When any medication is used the CTI staff will immediately restock the medications.
  3. The medications will be inspected at least once a month for integrity and expired drugs by CTI staff personnel.
  4. Pharmacy can be contacted at 6-2174

Responsible Party: Alexander Korutz, MD Assistant Professor of Radiology