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Cover feature of May “Theranostics” Journal




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Dr Dong Hyun-Kim’s recent work on MRI visible drug eluting magnetic nanospheres for transcatheter delivery in Liver Tumors  will be featured on the cover of “Theranostics” Journal this May.  Authors include Jeane Chen, Reed Omary and Andrew Larson.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-visible drug eluting microspheres were developed for targeted arterial-infusion chemotherapy with microfluidic techniques. We demonstrated the feasibility to selectively deliver these microspheres to liver tumors with hepatic arterial infusions and the potential to visualize the delivery of these microspheres to the targeted rat liver tumors with MRI immediately after infusion. This approach offers the potential for catheter-directed drug delivery to liver tumors for reduced systemic toxicity and superior therapeutic outcomes.

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