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By beginning the exam, you are certifying that the statements below are true:

1. I have read and understood the following documents

(Download all documents ~4 MB .zip file)

2. I have registered at is an a excellent and free resource for MRI safety questions and up-to-date information

3. I have viewed the Imaging Facility Pre-MRI Screening Form

You are encouraged to use this document to screen all of your subjects and patients prior to any MRI exams. This form has been compiled by several institutions and represents vast experience.

4. I have become CPR certified

Become certified in CPR and complete training on the use of the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED). For more information e-mail Jennifer Mcdonald. Alternatively you may contact ACUTE CARE EDUCATION SYSTEMS INC. (ACES) to register for seperate CPR certification at (847) 882-7076 or online at Courses offered at here at NMH.

5. I have attended the MRI field trip

Attend the MRI field trip. The two hour session includes a review of essential safety items as well as a tour of our facility. Trips will be offered on the first Friday of each month at 3:00 pm. All trips will take place at CTI in the Olson Pavilion and will begin in the volunteer waiting room.

By beginning the exam, you are certifying that the above statements are true.

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