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Cardiac Structure & Function

cardiac structure-function MRI

Structure-Function Cardiac MRI 

A reliable detection of cardiac diseases requires a detailed assessment of markers of regional cardiac myocyte structure, myocardial function, and tissue perfusion. We and others have shown that MRI techniques such as tissue phase mapping (TPM), parametric (T1, T2) mapping, and quantitative first-pass perfusion can detect such structure-function abnormalities. The development and optimization of quantitative cardiac structure-function MRI methods and data analysis tools represents and ongoing research effort at the Northwestern Cardiovascular Imaging research program.

Investigators: Michael Markl (PhD), James Carr (MD), Kai Lin (MD), Jeremy Collins(MD), Bruce Spottiswoode (PhD)

Funding: National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute of the NIH (NHLBI)

Cold Ischaemic Time and Time after Transplantation Alter Segmental Myocardial Velocities after Heart Transplantation

Myocardial T2-Mapping and Velocity Mapping: Changes in Regional Left Ventricular Structure and Function after Heart Transplantation